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Quality Assurance is achieved through integration of quality control, auditing, measurement method validation, and data validation. In our Production/Quality Assurance Program, quality checks by Production and QA occur at key receiving, blending, filling and finished goods locations. A state-of-the-art laboratory backs up the staff with chemical, physical and microbiological testing capabilities.

  Laboratory Capabilities at La Crosse  
Analytical Lab :
  • Anton Paar alcolyzer
  • DMA 4500 Densitometer 
  • BRIX and Refractive index
  • Hewlett Packard 5890 Series II Gas Chromatograph
Package Lab :
  • Package Fills; Air and CO2 
  • Secure Seal Test for ROPP closures
  • Crown closure torques
  • Double Seam Full Teardowns and evaluation
  • PU monitoring (Pasteurization Unit)
Micro Lab :
  • Total plate count
  • Yeast and mold count
  • Water plating
  • Juice testing
  • CIP Validation/Sanitation Monitoring
Other QA Functions :
  • Plant Sanitation, GMP, HACCP and Food Safety Audits
  • Sanitation Program Management
  • GMP and HACCP Program Management
  • Analytical and Packaging Data Reporting
  • Retain Sample Library
  • Sensory Evaluation
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