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The Brewhouse in Latrobe is the kitchen of the brewery, which cooks the grains and hops, according to recipe, to produce a sweet fermentable liquid called wort which, after undergoing fermentation, will become beer. This Brewhouse is capable of producing 8 brews per day with an average brew size of 525 barrels. Our brewhouse can do all malt or adjunct brews using 95DE or corn syrup, and is capable of utilizing 2 row, 6 row and other specialty malts.  The overall brewhouse efficiency runs on average of 98% to 99%.

  The Brewhouse  
Fermentation :
  • 16,690 bbl of horizontal fermenter capacity
  • 45,600 bbl of vertical fermenter capacity
  • Jacketed and coiled tanks for automatic temperature control
The Finishing Process :
  • Fassing cooler for moving beer from fermenter to storage
  • Capability of dry hopping
  • 14,520 bbl storage capacity in horizontal tanks
  • 45,600 bbl of storage capacity in vertical tanks
Filtration :
  • High speed centrifuge for yeast/protein removal
  • 150-300 bbl/hr output
  • US1000 DE Filter
  • 375 bbl/hr output
  • Pinpoint carbonation
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