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The Brewhouse in La Crosse is the kitchen of the brewery, which cooks the grains and hops, according to recipe, to produce a sweet fermentable liquid called wort which, after undergoing fermentation, will become beer. Our twin stream Brewhouse is capable of producing 16 brews per day at 1,100 barrels each for an annual capacity of nearly 7 million barrels of beer. City Brewery currently brews approximately 40 different brew recipes for ourselves and over a dozen contract brewing customers.

  The Brewhouse  
Fermentation :
  • La Crosse has 70 fermentation tanks
  • Fermentation tanks are horizontal temperature controlled
  • Our brewing yeast strains are managed in a dedicated Yeast Room and grown in the Yeast Propagation Room
The Finishing Process :
  • Beer is transferred to storage tanks for aging
  • Our aging cellars hold 70 storage tanks and are a mix of horizontal and vertical tanks of various sizes
  • Aged beer is centrifuged prior to filtration
  • This is carried out using a 900 barrel per hour centrifuge system, which supplies a 1,000 square foot US Filter
Filtration :
  • The single-pass filtration process is performed after the storage beer has been centrifuged
  • Filtration is through a 1,000 square foot, vertical leaf, US Filter. Process speed is 750 finished barrels per hour
  • Finished beer is filtered into the Package Release Cellar
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